Stephenson County histories

Historical Sketches of the History of Stephenson Co., IL by Wm. J. Johnston, 1854 (Indexed)

History of Stephenson Co., 1880 by M.H. Tilden (Indexed)

History of Stephenson Co., 2 vols., 1910 by Addison L. Fulwider (Indexed)

History of Stephenson Co., 1970 ed. By Mary X. Barrett (Indexed)

Neighboring county histories

Jo Daviess Co. History, H.F. Kett & Co., 1878.

Ogle Co. History, H.F. Kett & Co., 1878.

Carroll Co. History, H.F. Kett & Co., 1878.

History of Winnebago Co., 2 vols., ed. By Chas. A. Church, 1916.

Biographical volumes

Portrait & Biographical Album of Stephenson Co., 1888, Chapman Bros. (Indexed)

In the Footprints of the Pioneers of Stephenson Co., 1900. (Indexed)

Other books of local interest

Life and Times in Freeport, IL by Leslie T. Fargher published in 1967 by the Stephenson County Genealogical Society. Mr. Fargher lived in downtown Freeport for many years and gives his memories of events and businesses that were important to the downtown area.

Illustrated Freeport, Freeport Journal, 1896. This volume describes early Freeport businesses, gives information on prominent individuals and has some photos of people, businesses and even residences.

Kent for a Century and a Quarter 1827 – 1952 by Philip L. Keister, Kent, IL, 1952.

History of Lena by Oscar E. Glaser. (Index to Lena Star 1867-1964)

Supplement to Glaser book 1955 – 1964 (Births, Deaths, Marriages).

Index to Marriages 1867 – 1954 (Another Glaser index to Lena Star records).

The Early Black Settlers of Stephenson County, Illinois 1830 – 1930 by Joyce Salter Johnson.

A Hundred-Year Journal A Pictorial History of the Early Black Settlers of Stephenson County, Illinois 1830 – 1930 by Joyce Salter Johnson. Freeport, Illinois: Stephenson Co. Historical Society, 2010.

Civil War books

Report of the Adjutant General of Illinois, 9 vols.

The Stephenson County Civil War Memorial Establishment on National Registry, 1998, by Ellen Stadermann. (Civil War Soldier’s monument in Freeport)

Regimental histories

Forty-Sixth Regiment IL Volunteer Infantry

History of 124th Regiment

Ninety-Second IL Volunteers

Ninety-Third IL Volunteers

Ninety-Sixth Regiment IL Volunteer Infantry

19th IL Volunteer Infantry

Fifty-Fifth Regiment IL Volunteer Infantry

Other military sources

Roll of Honor: Record of Burial Places of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Army Nurses of all Wars of the United States Buried in the State of Illinois 2 vols., Springfield, IL, 1929.

Honor Roll of the Great War: Stephenson County, 1917 – 1919.

Lincoln/Douglas Debate materials

The Freeport Debate and its Centennial Commemoration. Freeport: Lincoln-Douglas Society, 1959.

Freeport’s Lincoln published by W.T. Rawleigh, Freeport, IL., 1930.

Other materials on the 1858 Freeport Debate can be found in the Vertical File, in newspaper accounts and in other locally published materials concerning the debate.

Funeral home records

Kuehner Funeral Records 1882 – 1935.

Leamon’s Funeral Home Lena 1931 – 1953 and Warren, IL Funeral Home Records 1933 – 1953.

Eichmeier Funeral Home Records 1933 – 1953.

Schwarz & Offenheiser Funeral Home Records.

Family histories

Histories of early area families and families that have a tie to this area. There may no longer be a family member living here. Approximately 500 Family history volumes.

Stephenson Co. Genealogical Society Family History Files

Vertical File – Personal Name File

Freeport City Directories 1857 – current (missing some years)

Freeport and Stephenson County telephone directories 1956 – current (missing some years)

School Yearbooks

Freeport High School Yearbooks 1896 (Stella) – current (some missing years)

Aquin High School – sporadic copies

Plat books and maps

Combined Stephenson Co., Atlas/Plat book 1871, 1894 – 1913 (Indexed)

1859 Map of the County of Stephenson, IL 1859 by H.F. Walling.

1932 Plat Book of Stephenson Co.

Jo Daviess Co., 1872, 1893, 1913

Winnebago Co., 1871 – 1892 – 1905

Boone & Winnebago Co., 1886.

Lafayette Co., WI, 1874, 1895, 1916

Henry Co., IL 1875.

The Local History room has other more recent Stephenson Co. plat books (latest 2009) as well as some from nearby counties as well.

Local business collections

Burgess collection

Micro News (Micro Switch newsletter) 1940 – 1985

Vertical File: Listed by person, place or subject

Pamphlets, articles and clippings on people, places, etc. in Freeport and Stephenson County.

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