Bug Guide
Creepy crawlies are everywhere! Trying to identify some in your backyard? This is the place to look!

Catch the Science Bug
Solve science puzzles, do your own scientific investigations, or learn more about what scientists do on the job.

Climate Kids
Climate Kids offers kids clear answers to questions on global climate change through sections on weather, air, the ocean, fresh water, carbon, energy, plants and animals and technology. Includes educational games, activities, crafts, videos and information on green careers.

Energy Kids
Learn about energy and try some fun games and activities. Discover what energy is, where it comes from, how to use and save energy, and more! Also includes fabulous content for teachers and classrooms.

Farmers Almanac for Kids
A children’s version of the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Contains facts about weather, star gazing, history and more.

Lawrence Hall of Science
The Lawrence Hall of Science is UC Berkeley’s public science center; 24/7 Science is the kids page, which includes a variety of science experiments and activities, as well as games and citizen science opportunities.

National Geographic Kids
National Geographic’s site for young readers is one of the best resources for information about the world, its people, and its wildlife. Not only can you read the newest edition of this magazine on-line, you can check out the contests, polls, games and even virtual adventures.

Smithsonian Tween Tribune
Looking for articles about science, history or current events? This interactive site features content for grades 5-8.

American Museum of Natural History
Provides a wealth of of activities, information and analysis on a variety of scientific areas including Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Earth Science, and Paleontology.

Biology 4 Kids
General biology information.

Chem 4 Kids
Help with chemistry.

Cosmos 4 Kids
Information about astronomy (planets, stars, etc.)

Extreme Science
Provides a science dictionary, scientific calculators and science news plus information on “extreme” earth science and animals.

Periodic Table of the Elements
A full, interactive periodic table of the elements with details on each of them.

Sammy’s Guide to Internet Safety
This interactive guide teaches kids how to enjoy the internet safely. Games are included to keep them engaged and having fun! The workbook can also be downloaded and/or printed so that it can be handed out.